Our experimentation has led to a variable formula indicative of your market. East coast versus West coast adverting is as different as Windows 7 versus Snow Leopard. They use the same medium but come from totally different worlds. I have seen markets that spam television, newspapers and radio. And they do well. If your budget doesn’t allow huge money for broadcast media, we will teach you how to direct market using inexpensive media and your current staff.
Your greatest asset is people. Your products are developed by scientists, and you have very little control or ability to differentiate your physical product from your competitor. Your friendly smile and excellent customer service are your product. How can you communicate this “smile?”

Today’s technology medium is nothing but smiles. You can create this smile monster using every employee. It does take some work to set up. Once it’s done, your smile tree will convert your dealership into a money tree.


Smartphones and iPhones

Did you buy a phone that has more computer power than the Apollo Space Ship? It’s a lot of fun to text, photo and make calls. What do you use it for? Do you use it to pick up people on Friday Night, or do you use it to play games? This machine can print money. You need to learn how to use it for business.


Texting is the quickest way to relay a message. Understanding what to say is important. Advertisements are inappropriate, so how do you market a customer to close a deal? Your business is a one stop shop for every need. Your goal is a reply.


Short codes are a hot topic. They are very expensive to use. You will need to have at least 10,000 cellular subscribers to make it cost effective. The return on investment is huge. Automated communications is free after it has been developed. We can help you set it up.


Twitter is a spammer and celebrity’s paradise. We get 20,000 Tweets a day. Attending convention level amount of messages every day is ridiculous. Don’t tell everyone how you feel, no one cares. How do you use Twitter for money? Twitter has a special ability to tie everything together. It runs on universal technology and has very few limitations. We teach you how to leverage this spam into legitimate message machine people will use.


There are more people on Facebook then people on the planet, and it’s still growing. Companies, Corporations and Groups are creating sites daily. It’s a network inside a network where customers choose their favorites. This is an efficient “word-of-mouth” tool. It can also turn on your company quick. Learn how to report the successes and opportunities your company can bring.


Here is where people have the most fun. A human responds to quick one minute videos. They cannot resist hitting play no matter what the title. People want to be entertained and informed at the same time. I see many obnoxious videos circulating showing how crazy they are. It’s as if they have no structure or plan to sell the product. We can show you the basics of creating an effective video that will honor the company as well as entertain the prospective buyer.

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