Deep Freeze and Whitelist

I cannot recall where I found this software, but I am glad I did. Faronics has used a simple idea about computing. Lock down your O.S. and partition your drive to store your user profile. This is not a new idea. Faronics has found a way to manage this concept better. With Faronics Deep Freeze, you can do just that, Lock your O.S. and allow file changes. However, what do you do when there is a patch or upgrade needed? I used to go to all my computers and check for updates under the admin. Not anymore. There is a central control that easy to use. Check out Faronics Deep Freeze Server. You can set all O.S. to Thaw, update and Freeze that drive back down. Super Easy.

I know this next statement will get me in trouble. These Antivirus companies are too slow to react to Viruses. I have had 10% success with combating first day viruses. Systems are down and I don’t know why. Antivirus is up-to-date and all the patches are in, what is the process running in the background? It seems that the message boards are better at detection and removal than the so called experts. I pay almost $100 per user per year for less than message board quality. Not anymore. Antivirus distributes a blacklist of do not execute. Bringing me to Faronics Anti-Executable. That’s right! If it isn’t on the list, you are not going to open. Group policies can be created to allow that massive Adobe update, but block the installation of MSN toolbar. What a concept.

Don’t forget FARONICS.