Save $15,000 a month. It’s really hard to do…

Let us have a conversation about Budgets. As a DealerNerd, I am simply a pure expense along with everything else I do. I’m a million-dollar department. I have no potential of providing a billable service to our dealer’s customers. From a Math (Nerd) standpoint, the dealer needs to make 10,000,000 to support my techno habits.

So where do you start? I started by taking the Accountant out to lunch. This person and position hold more power than any General Manager or Owner. They have the innate ability to make you seem too expensive. He also holds the keys to the complicated chart of Accounts. The Accountants ISAKMP Key. Tell them you are trying to save money and need to look at expenses. Many of them enjoy saving money.

Once you have some expense reports, convert them to a spreadsheet. More-then-likely you will receive this report on continuous paper. After three inches later, Sort Descending.

You will find that this is a complete waste of time. Cancel your $20,000-30,000 a month DMS and get DealerTrack.