The iPad Conversion

About a month ago I looked at an iPad for the first time. It looked like a plate that you would see at Benihanna with a button on it. The demonstration at Best Buy was, “Here it is, What do you think?” Quite possibly the worst salesman in Minnesota was presenting the “next best thing.” So I blogged about how dumb this thing was. If you wanted a book, go to the used book store and read.

I attended this year Digital Dealer in Orlando Florida. It was hot, literally. I sat in the workshops and tried not to concentrate on the hidden sales pitches. Waiting for a shred of real information pertaining to the improvement of our field, I suddenly realized the people sitting next to me had better information. I started working on the old style of social networking, so I swapped cards and said hello to everyone.

As I was traveling through the expo, I saw one of the best presenters at DD8 Tom Jennings. His presentation was pure information for the better. We shook hands and talked to in front of the Moore and Scary booth. Just then, they were doing a drawing for a free iPad. Tom much taller than me reached over put his and my card in the bucket. Long story short, I won.

Over the past two weeks, I have been testing the iPad. Email, Social Media and internet are all available on this machine, in a productive way. I could sell cars with this thing. I can reach hundreds of people in minutes. I can teach people how to do it.

My recommendation, Order your iPad May 7th with the 3G card in it NOW! You and your Customers will love it.