iPhone Released

Everyone has been paying close attention to iPad. The wifi machine sold out in a day. Many people are blown away by the size and the ability to read books. If you fail to find a public or private wifi, you have a square plate. When the GSM version arrives, we will see them everywhere.

The question I raise, “How am I going to make money with it?” This giant lcd cannot do much except for entertain. I fall back to my conservative roots and choose something that is one generation older. I bring to the forefront iPhone. Both the iPad and the iPhone have the nasty limitation of AT&T contract restricting the already deprived GSM network. Would you like a new unlocked iPhone 3G 32GB unlocked phone? I found where to get one.

Apple iPhone 3GS 32GB Never Locked GSM Phone (OEM)

GoDaddy needs new policies

The Nerds have reported an issue with GoDaddy’s Backorder Policies. Apparently, they are intentionally trying to create a bidding war for each backordered domain. The backorder opens a door to customer wallets.

Richard Willnar’s Article in the NY Post Explains

100 Unique Visitors

In less than 40 days DEALERnerd has been visited by 100 unique visitors. Thank you to those who used our Vendor links; We hope we have saved you some money.

We are building a path future online training sessions. We are developing plans to have a family fun training weekend. The internet can interact with the world only if you experience it, family included. Our Training reinforces the value of experiencing the world and how you see it. Your activities can turn you into a conversation piece other than what you sell. Stay tuned.

Thanks again all for the 100. I hope to get another 100 next month.

Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2010

While checking updates for Microsoft Office 2007, I discovered the much anticipated 2010 Office Suite from Microsoft. It is a beta download, and it requires registration. Let me know what you think.

By the way, It is free for now.

Download Link

Deep Freeze and Whitelist

I cannot recall where I found this software, but I am glad I did. Faronics has used a simple idea about computing. Lock down your O.S. and partition your drive to store your user profile. This is not a new idea. Faronics has found a way to manage this concept better. With Faronics Deep Freeze, you can do just that, Lock your O.S. and allow file changes. However, what do you do when there is a patch or upgrade needed? I used to go to all my computers and check for updates under the admin. Not anymore. There is a central control that easy to use. Check out Faronics Deep Freeze Server. You can set all O.S. to Thaw, update and Freeze that drive back down. Super Easy.

I know this next statement will get me in trouble. These Antivirus companies are too slow to react to Viruses. I have had 10% success with combating first day viruses. Systems are down and I don’t know why. Antivirus is up-to-date and all the patches are in, what is the process running in the background? It seems that the message boards are better at detection and removal than the so called experts. I pay almost $100 per user per year for less than message board quality. Not anymore. Antivirus distributes a blacklist of do not execute. Bringing me to Faronics Anti-Executable. That’s right! If it isn’t on the list, you are not going to open. Group policies can be created to allow that massive Adobe update, but block the installation of MSN toolbar. What a concept.

Don’t forget FARONICS.

New Sales Pitch

Sales are different today. Prospecting a customer is complicated with new forms of medium. Customers are more active and each customer has their own style of listening to mediums. Kids today don’t watch TV. Grandparents still read the paper. Adults rarely read the paper and watch TV. What is the dynamic link between all generations? You are looking at it. The internet is a universal medium and has the special power of profiling. If you want to market a female college graduate that is 45 year old and still lives with their parents, you can. Would you like to know how?

100% Absorption

What is 100% absorption? I looked up in Wikipedia and found that it has more to do with atoms than dealerships. To a dealer owner, absorption is something quite different. Dealers call it a percentage of total running costs by fixed operation income. That means, the higher the better. Parts and service should be able to support the entire dealership.

Sales income becomes gravy. So why when sales are down, dealers panic? It’s because dealers do not have a good absorption rate. Too much overhead can kill your absorption rate.

When a dealership achieves a 100% absorption rate, they are essentially bullet proof from car sales dips.

How do you achieve your 100%?

George Bailey and Henry Potter used social networking

It has occurred to me that this social networking is not new. There is just new technology. Back in the day, 1947, there were people. And people knew people. Many times they were friends. You could count on each other recommending another friend. This network was usually limited to the distance your car could go on one tank of gas. George Bailey from “It’s a Wonderful Life” used social networking to help friends. George was honest and everyone knew it.

Henry Potter was also into social networking. Elite social network helped him control the peasants of his ghettos. His tool was a telephone. His social network was much larger and could crush George at anytime. If George had a better network, Henry would not have been able to push him around.

Today, the level of information at each person’s fingertips could easily bring Mr. Potter to his… chair. The invention of social networking is as old as flame. The marriage of Technology and “word-of-mouth” created this phenomenon. We all know everything, faster then we can decipher it.

DealerNERD to open 2/20/2010

I think I understand the basics of setting this WordPress up. I don’t have a following yet so we will see what happens Saturday.

Registration is open, if you are an IT janitor at a dealership, let me know. You will be given elevated rights, since this is our page.

Vendors, I will honor a log in but any advertisements will be removed. If you are looking to place an ad, please contact me.