Why do we CRM?

Has anyone really raised the question, “why do I need a CRM system?”. In the auto industry a salesperson strictly sells cars. Mangers use CRM to track sales peoples activity. In a smaller dealership there is no CRM or managers. So why should larger dealerships?

It’s very simple, managers are not hiring the right salespeople. In a small town, a sales person knows everything about everyone naturally. With that kind of connection, the road to the sale comes very easy.

This is an instance where technology falls short. No CRM can ever compete with a small town salesperson. Solution: www.recruitthewinners.com

Its over… iPad is the only choice.

I have completed the triple double geek. I just made a VoIP call that hunted down the service manager (calling their desk, cellphone, and home) while listening to the “Tron” Soundtrack via Napster and practicing my fruit ninja critical hits. Did I mention I was using a bluetooth headset?
This machine is awesome. I cannot contain myself. I have to get developers license for this machine. The sky is the limit. I hear ADP already has an API. I truly believe this machine can do everything.
Take my free advice, login to Ebay and get one. A used 16GB wifi only will do. The second version of iPad will release soon, so don’t spend more then $500. Computers, Laptops and Netbooks are a waste of money, unless you plan on sitting in a chair (not a great money maker).
This thing is going to free us much like the cellphone did.

Digital Dealer 9

Boy Vegas is fun. Could you imagine selling cars via social networking here? This place is alive with lights and wifi. My phone battery almost melted this week. It is a good thing I had my iPads to back me up.

I found much of the information repetitious to DD8. I saw a toned down sales pitch, but still much of the same sales pitch. I understand that in order to produce a great show you need money. Michael Roscoe, and his team, has created such an awesome following and a better show. Round tables are still key to the entire meeting. Off site round tables with karaoke and booze is best. FirstLookSolutions.com should provide booze at the Round tables next year. Again, thank you.

Piecing it all this together is difficult. Let us say you bought everything! Even from the Big Three DMS guys. After a 90 trial, who would you keep? That is where you should spend your money. Custom Web Designers are the greatest. They keep your site fresh, and it is created by talent. Canned sites are floppy and stale. Custom designers are also best because they can add your widgets (bells and whistles). Hire good people and you will get good results. Hire a corporation, and get corporation results.

Video Video Video. Auto Trader was re-tweeted the most saying “You Need Video.” But how? Video to me is a lot like blogging. I watch YouTube to laugh during my lunch hour. http://www.RappingHamsters.com is brilliant. I was shocked and amazed by the creativity. My wife and I love Swagger Wagon, and I can recite it. It is supposed to be fun. So make it fun. Don’t buy a flip camera! Buy a top of the line cellphone. The best cellphone can Text, Tweet, Blog, Facebook, YouTube and Call people using a High End SmartPhone. HD2, EVO, iP4 are my top picks.

Best Presentations: Tim Jennings, Josh Muller and ADP’s very own Jessica and Paula’s Rendition of “Don’t Stop Believing.” You two should remake “We are ADP.”
Make sure you check the #dd9 and Friend/Like/Follow everyone you meet. Who cares about their email address? Have a Safe Trip Home everyone.

New Sales Pitch

Sales are different today. Prospecting a customer is complicated with new forms of medium. Customers are more active and each customer has their own style of listening to mediums. Kids today don’t watch TV. Grandparents still read the paper. Adults rarely read the paper and watch TV. What is the dynamic link between all generations? You are looking at it. The internet is a universal medium and has the special power of profiling. If you want to market a female college graduate that is 45 year old and still lives with their parents, you can. Would you like to know how?