DealerNerd is a resource for your Company. We are not about to tell you how you should conduct your business. We have specific knowledge that has been studied and tested to work. This doesn’t mean necessarily all published information will work for you. Each company and market are different. We enjoy visiting companies to observe the massive differences. You can welcome us to your company to perform personal customization and training.

The people at the company are your most valuable resource. Each person brings their knowledge and expertise to increase your customer satisfaction. They are the product for your customers. We are here to enhance your product’s ability to communicate and be productive. Our expertise in technology is something can be added to your product. Many companies are subcontracting these skills out. Not allowing the individual dealership the personal attachment to their market. If the vendor leaves or you decide to stop paying the monthly fees, you have nothing. We train your people that will always be yours.

Our promise to the Technology Managers; We will never try to replace you. You are there 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We understand how difficult it is to manage people that do not have the necessary skills to help you implement technical projects. We understand what you have been trying to do this for years. It’s your idea, let us help you make it happen.

DealerNERD is on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

11931 191 1/2 Avenue Suite #206
Elk River, MN 55330

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