#DD10 Prep.

My print preview using Mozilla says there are 40 pages of Industry Leading People Presenting at Digital Dealer. I would consider it as the Pow-wow of Showmen ready to levitate your specific need in the Hexagonal Grassland. Keep the faith if you cannot attend.

Search #DD10 on Hootsuite and follow DigitalDlrConf on twitter. This Facebook Group is boss http://www.facebook.com/home.php?sk=group_155648871132330. I would like to give Two Big Nerd Thumbs up to Susan and Arnold for taking the initiative.

We are the Social Media Journalists of the Auto Industry, let’s find out what is a hot and what is not. Do not fall for Marketing Company’s Marketing. Their job is to say they are the best. Test how vendors use their personal online reputation as a preview of their product. Post every thought you have of each vendor. Your social network will refine it.