Open Source Automotive Management System

Has anyone created or even dreamed up an Open source DMS? Has the big DMS Giants been keeping us back from achieve a dream? Truth be told, they have. The giants have this “Validation” strategy with the vehicle manufactures. You see, the Manufactures believe that dealerships data can corrupt their day to day operations. It’s like anti-virus for ordering a vehicle. RIDICULOUS!

If we could recreate a universal database, open the network without compromising security and re-do the interfaces. We could really have something. How hard is it to order 100 2x4s from Home Depot and have them deliver it to your house. Why is it so difficult to order 100 Ford Fiesta’s to our dealership? If the messages back and forth were XML, encrypted by SSL over the Internet.

What is first, the internet was already created and SSL is almost a system standard. What is left is XML. Who would like to help create the standards for DMS XML? Well, we have a problem with that statement, DMS is already taken by Document Management Systems. How about Dealer XML? What about the Manufactures? I came to AMS XML for Automotive Management System XML. Who is with me? If you are…

Irving Silver

James Zeigler posted another Dealer Magazine article on Facebook. I thought at first it was another advertisement for his “Super System,” but for some reason, I opened it and read it. It was an article about a man who qualifies as the best car salesperson ever. I would ask that anyone who read this post take a second to read James’s article and then visit Irving Silver’s website and look at all the content. You could learn a lot from it.

Dealer Magazine – June 2010