George Bailey and Henry Potter used social networking

It has occurred to me that this social networking is not new. There is just new technology. Back in the day, 1947, there were people. And people knew people. Many times they were friends. You could count on each other recommending another friend. This network was usually limited to the distance your car could go on one tank of gas. George Bailey from “It’s a Wonderful Life” used social networking to help friends. George was honest and everyone knew it.

Henry Potter was also into social networking. Elite social network helped him control the peasants of his ghettos. His tool was a telephone. His social network was much larger and could crush George at anytime. If George had a better network, Henry would not have been able to push him around.

Today, the level of information at each person’s fingertips could easily bring Mr. Potter to his… chair. The invention of social networking is as old as flame. The marriage of Technology and “word-of-mouth” created this phenomenon. We all know everything, faster then we can decipher it.

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